Case Study : Purchasing And Material Management Essay example

Case Study : Purchasing And Material Management Essay example

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Purchasing and material management has evolved over the centuries and takes on many roles in the acquisition and the supply chain. One of your task as a supply chain managers is the ability to negotiate. Accounting to Monzcka (p. 480) “we define negotiation as a process of formal communication, either face-to-face or via electronic means, where two or more people, groups or organizations come together to seek mutual agreement about an issue or issues”. Negotiation is a skill which takes time to develop as it consists of five phases you must master to be prosperous in this business, these skills just don’t develop overnight. It’s a talent countless in this profession pursue, the power of negotiation is a vastly sort after skill various organizations. These Organizations demand supply chain professionals with the skills to influence or persuade others to conform to their conditions or arrive at an agreement where both organizations benefit. An illustrious negotiator understands how to find the strength and weakness when analyzing an organization. Having the skill to negotiation puts a supply chain manager at a level most people in the industry strive to reach as many organizations ' success is due to great negotiators.
As supply chain manager, you essentially deal with the issue of conflict management. Conflict management is dealing with or counter an offer by a supplier. One immense question in contract management is do you accept the offer put on the table or do you counter the offer to with your own offer? Nowadays, with several supply companies being located across the world in remote locations it’s difficult for organizations to communicate their needs for supply and demand. This often cause conflict in the management of the pr...

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...ply, (2) developing category strategies, (3) developing and managing suppliers; (4) designing and operating multiple supply networks; (5) leveraging technology enablers; (6) collaborating internally and externally; (7) attracting and retaining supply management talent, and (8) managing and enabling the future supply management organization and measurement system. When, we look to establish new trends you need to keep these eight objectives in mind.

Supply chain managers take on a different role daily, also you will be the one people seek to solve problems and give advice. You may not always know the answer, but you have a means of finding the answer. As, added support you can use the F.A.R, the D.F.A.R or any other reference you have that will help. Remember being a supply chain manager can be a bit complex, but use your resource to assist you and you will do fine.

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