Essay on Case Study : Prince2 Project Management System

Essay on Case Study : Prince2 Project Management System

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UNIT 5, 6

STUDENT ID- C0661489

MOTIVE- the motive of studying this unit is to understand to what is prince2, how it is different from the PMBOK, what are the similarities and so on. Moreover, we will study closure of the project using MS project.
REFLECTION- the prince2 approach is the project handling approach which is used in the most of the European countries. The organization APM group which is headquartered in United Kingdom. There is some of the similarities between PMBOK and PRINCE2 for instance as per PMBOK the projects are temporary endeavor to create unique product whereas as per PRINCE2 a project is temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to the business case. The PRINCE2 project management methodology consists up of four elements that are principles, themes, processes and project environment which is explained as
PRINCIPLES- there are seven principles in the PRINCE2 methodology which are-
1. Continued business justification- this means the organization should be very careful about the business case or business motive for which the project has been started and should remain the same throughout the project.
2. Learn from experience- this is somehow the same as the PMBOK in which the project team will continue to look for the past business project to get some of the key information which may be somehow can be relevant for the project that is newly undertaken.
3. Defined roles and r...

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...individually do research on the additional information about the PRINCE2 and what are the differences between the PRINCE2 and PMBOK. he also additional webpages addresses to gather the information for the PRINCE2 that is from where I come to know the digit 7 that is PRINCE2 structure consists up of seven principles, seven themes and seven processes. The study notes provided by the professor provide relevant information about PRINCE2 and usage of MS project in project closure report. I believe without this valuable information one cannot succeed his career in the project management industry.

1. Class Lectures on 16 November 2015 by Prof. Bob Xourafas

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