Case Study : Pharmacy And Pharmacy Essay

Case Study : Pharmacy And Pharmacy Essay

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A career I have learned a lot about over the years and have become fascinated with is pharmacy. I chose pharmacy because I find it interesting and a job that helps a lot of people. My aunt has been a pharmacist for many years and has left a positive impact on many peoples lives. Moreover, my sister is completing her last year of pharmacy school and will officially be a pharmacist in May. However, my great uncle has played a huge role in the development of pharmacy and has received many awards because of it. Pharmacists play an important role in peoples lives, which is why I find it so appealing. I like how pharmacists help others and teach people how to take medications. Pharmacists truly help the sick to feel better.
In order to be successful pharmacists you need to understand the nature of medicines, metabolism, and drug interactions. Pharmacists are in charge of distributing prescription medicine to patients. They teach patients how and when to take the medicine. Pharmacists also monitor the medications to make sure they are working and doing what they are supposed to in order to help the patients. Pharmacists have an understanding of the prescribed drugs and what exactly it does and what it is made of. (pharmiweb, 2012) Pharmacists work extremely hard everyday. One task a pharmacist has to complete everyday is meeting numbers. This means that a pharmacist must fill a certain number of prescriptions a day in a certain time period. This not at all drug stores, and is mainly at the bigger stores. They have to work extremely hard to meet their goals. The numbers depend on the drug store and the business they receive. The pharmacist must monitor patients daily and make sure no reactions are occurring. This involves call...

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... a job in your area, so you have to move. This is costly, especially if you already have a home you are trying to sell. Generally, there are not other costs besides paying for school. Furthermore, the salary makes it easier to pay off loans. (Bobbie Pattillo)
I knew a lot about pharmacy from my family, but I learned more through research. I like how much you truly help people and how organized the job is. You might have a new experience everyday, but you will always be working, so the job is never boring. If I did become a pharmacist and stayed in SC I would want to stay local. I would want to work at a bigger store because they are more stable and have established their methods of working. If I moved away from SC I would still want to work in a big store, but in the city. If I do become a pharmacist one day I hope that I will be successful and helpful to patients.

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