Case Study: Performance Management and Peel Memorial Hospital Essay

Case Study: Performance Management and Peel Memorial Hospital Essay

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Case Study: Performance Management and Peel Memorial Hospital
Hospitals and regional health authorities throughout Canada are currently facing problems. Mergers, forced, closures, and funding restraints are major challenges that the healthcare industry currently faces (Harber, 1998). Furthermore, there are cultural differences in addition to non-acute and community-based services (Harber, 1998). While all of these challenges are faced, the healthcare industry must remain loyal to their customers and provide quality services while ensuring that the stakeholders remain pleased with the current financial situation of the industry and individual hospitals; this is done by setting a mission, or vision statement, and fulfilling all of its requirements.
1995 was a “watershed year” for Peel Memorial Hospital (PMH) in Brampton, Ontario (Harber, 1998, p. 59). The corporate goals and objectives were not being met as they were in the past. Additionally, the mission statement was not clear as to the objectives of the organization and there was no knowledge (among staff) as to what strategic direction the organization was moving in.
In 1994, PMH embarked on a comprehensive Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) training program for all staff; this was followed by a “flurry” of departmental and interdepartmental improvement initiatives (Harber, 1998, p. 59). There were several questions with few answers as to the direction the organization was heading and how their goals were to be achieved. To assist with this, the company entered into a partnership with Xerox Quality Services, who had significant experience in the industry and could put PMH on the right track to success. The adoption of a balanced scorecard was crucial for the company’s s...

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...ically the balanced scorecard, identifies performance in the most effective manner. While there are alternatives available, PMH found that this method improves patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and improvements in essentially all areas of the organization. When an employee knows he or she is being tracked on performance, the positive results are going to follow. Not only does this improve employee morale throughout the facility, as they know they are meeting expectations and feel good about their personal accomplishments, but it cuts cost as an efficiently-run organization does not need to implement changes (which cost money).
Harber, B. W. (1998). The Balanced Scorecard: Solution at Peer Memorial Hospital. Hospital Quarterly.

Harber, B. W. (1998). The Balanced Scorecard: Solution at Peer Memorial Hospital. Hospital Quarterly.

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