Essay about Case Study on Sustainable Agriculture

Essay about Case Study on Sustainable Agriculture

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Sustainable Agriculture
The small family in Columbia is focused on conserving their natural resources through sustainable agriculture. Pedro Herrera and other farmers in his area have put in fences and planted trees to slow the rate of erosion. Five natural springs are being protected on Pedro’s farm that feed the water shed. The crops planted on Herrera’s land include, beans, maize, coffee, sugarcane, cassava, sweet peas, and blackberries. He also had livestock to provide milk for his personal use, as well as for sell. He also has a pond with carp and his wife raises chickens. The main principle in this case study is conservation, they are also improving the way of life for the people of the community, they are also selling for a profit, and they are aiming to protect the health of the land for long-term use.
In the small village of Talad, Thongdee Nantha’s crops are diverse. They have a native breed of pigs and rabbits that are fed naturally with resources found around these areas. There are also ducks and chickens, they also eat what is readily available in the area. They ...

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