Case Study on Processes in Pre-school Children Essay example

Case Study on Processes in Pre-school Children Essay example

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Description of Child
In order to be a school age child or in middle childhood you first have to go through the preschool years. Jose was born in Salinas, CA in February 2009. He lives with his mother and dad and has two sisters. His mother doesn’t work right now so, he is most of the time with his mother while his dad works full time and only sees him before going to sleep. Both of his parents are Mexican descent and are a working class. For his age, he is the average size and has short hair and dark brown eyes.

Physical Development of Child
To begin with, Jose weighted about 40 pounds (18kg) and was 3 feet and 7 inches (43 inches) tall when I examined him (Parent Interview, May 10, 2014). Based on the growth curve tables given by Steinberg, Vandell, and Bornstein (2011), Jose’s weight is demonstrated to be part of the norm. Also, his height, which was 3 feet and 7 inches (43 inches) as a result, this makes him have a BMI to be in the healthy weight range, which was 15.2.In other words, the healthy weight range falls in the 5th percentile to less than the 85th percentile. As a result, of his mother giving him the chance to serve himself the amount of food he is going to eat without pressuring him to eat it all helps him maintain a healthy weight (Parent Interview, May 10, 2014). Also, by always trying to make healthy meals with a combination of vegetables and avoiding buying soda or any high in sugar beverages (Parent Interview, May 10, 2014).As well, his parents take him every weekend to the park for at least two hours and by playing with his friends that come twice in the week to visit him and they play in the backyard for hours (Parent Interview, May 10, 2014). According to Steinberg, Vandell, and Bornstein (2011), p...

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...onse in order to make a nondominant response, to engage in planning, and to regulate reactive tendencies” (pg.253, 2011). Lastly, is the cognitive/intellectual area where he is developing typical since, he plays pretend play, and he understands conservation.

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