Case Study : Offshore Processing Of Asylum Seekers Essay

Case Study : Offshore Processing Of Asylum Seekers Essay

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Annotation #1- Journal Article
Archbold, Lisa J. 2015. “Offshore processing of asylum seekers - is Australia complying with its international legal obligations?” QUT Law Review 15 (1): 137-158. Accessed April 15, 2016. doi: 10.5204/qutlr.v15i1.579.
This article reports on Australia’s international obligation to asylum seekers and whether or not Australia is complying with these obligations. The main focus of this article is to explain how the Australian Government is neglecting their obligation by transferring asylum seekers to offshore processing centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, where there are less international obligations to abide by. Archbold argues that, although Australia claims offshore processing centres are necessary for deterring refugees travelling by boat, there is no evidence to support this. This article is important for my role as a United Nations representative in my scenario (ten) as it identifies the international obligations Australia is held to and explains how Australia is neglecting their international responsibilities. This article has also helped me understand the key issues asylum seekers face in offshore processing centres and the impact this has on their wellbeing.
Annotation #2- Chapter in an edited book collection
Allotey, Pascale, Hilary Pickles and Vanessa Johnston. 2007. “Duties to refugees and asylum seekers in host countries’ medical system.” In Principles of health care ethics, edited by Richard Ashcroft, Angus Dawson, Heather Draper and John McMillan, 663-670. West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons.
This chapter discusses the issue of insufficient health services available to asylum seekers and the ethical challenges faced by medical practitioners. The main focus of this chapter is to illustr...

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... This book focuses on the modern day use of detention centres, with a key focus of the policies governing it. Wilsher argues that detention centres need to have a defined set of standards in regards to time limits and the evaluation of immigrates, to avoid the risk of human right breaches. The author notes that the current detention system has failed to do so because policies are largely driven by political priorities and aimed at epitomising the government’s initiative to solving the immigration dilemma. This book is highly important in my role as a United Nations Representative in my scenario (ten) as it provides me with a clear overview on the development of immigration detention centres in Australia’s history. This book also provided me with an understanding of the political issues surrounding detention centres, which would be useful to consider in my scenario.

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