Case Study Of Inter Disciplinary Professional Firm Is A Good Reputation And Branding By Expanding Their Market Share

Case Study Of Inter Disciplinary Professional Firm Is A Good Reputation And Branding By Expanding Their Market Share

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5.2 Increase market share and Capability:
As can be seen from the analysis of figure 4, the strategy of inter-disciplinary professional firm can establish a good reputation and branding by expanding their market share. Kotler and Connor (1977) state that professional firms can take advantage of initially branding in professional management, and expand their business by the implementation of the interdisciplinary strategy. Rely on the trust of customers, this accountancy firm can extend their service area to unfamiliar discipline area, so that they can increase their competitiveness in multi-service area and increase their market share. Smyth (2011) also states that interdisciplinary service companies are more likely to acquire market share to earn profits.
Additionally, the establishing of Branding can help the company to attract more talents from different areas. Increasing staffs and different disciplines will enhance the internal management, improving the systematic management, standard training system, and performance appraisal. Extra cash-flow can also provide employees training and add employees benefits, so that to ensure human capital.

Figure 4: Capability and Branding analysis
5.3 Enough fund for long-term to invest:
According to this life-cycle line (Figure 3), Inter-disciplinary strategy will help ANDA to growth from small single discipline professional service firm to a bigger one, they will have enough fund to continue to build the breadth and depth of accountancy and other relevant disciplines capability and gain market share. Using integration services to move into the exist market, this can be regarded as the medium risk. If the current single discipline accountancy firm meets the bottleneck moment, adopting the...

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...d slowly transition to new areas. If the small-medium sized professional firm has already formed their own core competitiveness, they can consider to implement integrating other relevant services together for the core competencies.
According to the environment analysis, the SMEs accountancy firms is extremely competitive in China, diversification can help firms to expand market share, saving transaction costs, and enhance the ability to resist risks. At the same time, the turnover of case company has around 2 million yuan each year. Not only has strong capital, but also it has experience in accounting around 6 years. Under this current situation, Implementing interdisciplinary strategy will add more value and deliver a long-term sustainable development. Comparing with single disciplinary strategy, Interdisciplinary strategy has more capabilities and more competitive.

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