Case Study : Nursing : Patient Stroke Education Essay

Case Study : Nursing : Patient Stroke Education Essay

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Practicum Proposal: Nursing Education Plan- Patient Stroke Education
It is frequently expressed by stroke patients and caregivers that they have not been afforded the suitable information related to stroke, treatments, or post discharge management and recovery, and that the information conveyed is perceived as insufficient and complex. The problem is that there is a failure of healthcare professionals in identifying the learning needs of stroke patients associated with a deficiency in knowledge of just how to access and communicate this crucial information. Indeed, while patient education can be time consuming and nurses may not be properly trained in stroke education it is a nursing duty to provide these teachings to patients and caregivers prior to discharge. This paper will propose an educational plan intended to train, assist, and support nursing staff responsible for stroke patient education, in providing accurate, individualized, guideline based stroke education to patients and families prior to discharge. This plan will assist healthcare professionals in answering those queries and provide knowledge to stroke patients and their families by educating and reinforcing how to assess the educational needs of stroke patients as well as the most effective tactics for delivery of this knowledge. Accurate, individualized, evidence-based stroke education delivered to patients and caregivers have been shown to increase patient satisfaction scores after discharge, increase patient compliance with discharge instructions, and above all, improve understanding associated with stroke that may perhaps reduce the chances of suffering a subsequent stroke.
Purpose of the Practicum
Stroke has been identified as the third leading cause of deat...

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Proposed Evaluative Criteria and Competencies
As a result of participating in the Capstone practicum, this student will be able to achieve all outcomes successfully utilizing: interviews, evidenced based research, appraisal of evidence, ethical and legal principles, culturally competent care, maximizing use of resources, effective communication, informatics, and evolve as a professional nurse through lifelong learning as evidenced by the expanded use of the nursing process to achieve all outcomes successfully. Table II provides a more detailed look at how this student will achieve expected learning outcomes and the predicted evaluative criteria that will be used.

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