Case Study : Mcdonald 's Corporation Essay

Case Study : Mcdonald 's Corporation Essay

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McDonald’s Corporation started out in the way that many businesses do, with one idea and a brilliant mind or two. The year was 1948, when two brothers by the names of Mac and Dick McDonald, set forth with the idea to provide a low cost, quickly produced meal. Thus, the restaurant we know today was born. The menu consisted of only nine items such as: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, and pie. The staple of this menu was the hamburger for only 15¢. In 1954, a milkshake salesman named Ray Kroc stopped by the brother’s hamburger stand to sell them more milkshake machines. Upon learning that the brothers were looking for a national franchising agent, he quickly realized his future would be in hamburgers and not milkshakes. By 1958, McDonald’s had sold its one hundred millionth burger and in 1965, the company offered its first stock option at $22.50 per share. Over the next several decades, McDonald 's continued to grow into the huge multinational corporation it is today. Being a multinational corporation there are many things that the company does that people may see at ethical and many things that may be seen as unethical. The purpose of this paper is to address some of the things McDonald 's does that may seem ethical and some things that may seem unethical in terms of the public at large.


Convenience saves time/ providing convenience

McDonald 's Restaurants are convenient, cheap, and tasty. The McDonald 's Corporation has franchised restaurants in 118 different countries totaling over 35,000 restaurant locations. Chances are you will find a McDonald 's anywhere you go in the world. People like convenience. Being able to grab a quick bite on your way to work or when dri...

... middle of paper ...

...ks so good? That is because the company spends hours, ‘fixing it up,’’ behind the camera to make the sandwich looks so mouth-watering appetizing. In a viral Youtube video, Director of Marketing for McDonald’s Canada, Hope Bagozzi, admits to performing behind the scenes dress up with the sandwiches.They prepare the perfect patty, condiments, bun, and they ever put the cheese perfectly center on the patty. Never in my life have I had a sandwich from McDonald’s where I didn’t have to reset the cheese onto the sandwich. This falls under the Virtue ethical principle as McDonald’s advertisements are misleading, and not honest. The company uses this misleading information to draw in customers which is unethical. While McDonald’s should be commended for admitting this it is a shame that they have to dress up their products in order to get people to eat at their restaurants.

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