Case Study : Marriott Forest Of Arden Hotel And Country Club Essay

Case Study : Marriott Forest Of Arden Hotel And Country Club Essay

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I am doing my marketing case study on Marriott Forest Of Arden hotel and country club.
In the heart of the Midlands, set in provincial Warwickshire, yet just 4 miles from the NEC complex and Birmingham Airport. Forest of Arden, a Marriott Hotel & Country Club, one of the top UK’s golf playing destinations. Other than greens, this exquisite country hotel contains much more delights: a heavenly Spa, tennis, gymnasium & in house swimming pool. This hotel has been renovated so now it has got all newly decorated bed rooms including extravagance bedding and fast web. It has very big events and meeting rooms, champion 's golf destination. It has got 214 rooms, 2 restaurants Zest and Oak Bar and grill and one home bar Oak bar.
This hotel has built up on August 1989; it was claimed by white bread Hotel and company. Marriott took over this property on 1995 after that again it has sold to royal bank of Scotland on 2006 and its partners are Packington state and Royal Bank of Scotland. 1
Current PESTEL market:
Political factor: V.A.T - Because of financial inflation and instability, the British government has increased the vat from 17.5% to 20%. Statistics shows additional 2.13 pence incurred in 1pound of spending or for the middle class people approximate 600 pound additional in a year. It will debilitate spending, that will impact by abating the rate of recuperation and possibly costing a large number of employments. As far as tourism concern including hotels and hospitality the worry is it will likewise stop abroad guests and U.K. - based visitors.2
Environmental factors: -In hospitality industry many hotel are environment friendly by a...

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...eting and events.11
• Crown Plaza – It is situated near the national exhibition centre of Birmingham, with in two mile radius of the hotel there is airport, international train station, national exhibition centre and bus terminal. Its pretty much similar as per size, hotel doesn’t have many services, it has got one restaurant and one lounge bar, doesn’t have any swimming pool etc. But the advantage is during the exhibition guests prefers to stay as near as possible of the working place. That gives the hotel a competitive edge in that area.12
• Hilton Birmingham Metropole – Its biggest hotel in the Birmingham consists of 800 rooms, 3 restaurants, 33 meeting and events room. Services and facilities are pretty much same as crown plaza. As a premium brand, it has other hotels also in the Midland areas. There fore the loyal customers will may opt for Hilton only.13


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