Essay on Case Study : ' Man Cave '

Essay on Case Study : ' Man Cave '

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Justin drinks a whole case of beer each day by himself and during the weekends he spends countless hours in the bar with his friends. His wife, Susan has brought it to his attention that she believes that he has a drinking problem. Oftentimes Susan and their children would find Justin passed out in the shed in the backyard where Justin’s “man cave” is also. He has been written up at work twice for falling asleep on the job because he has had a hangover and if he gets another one it will result in termination. In response to his wife 's allegations Justin says that he can stop drinking at any time and that he just drinks to relax himself after a long day at work, because his boss rides his back. Justin also says that since he works all week and have to come home to Susan nagging him and screaming kids, he looks forward to getting away to spend time at the bar on the weekends with his friends. He believes that Susan is just over exaggerating and just wants him to spend less time out with his friends.
Susan presented information about cirrhosis of the liver and the pattern of alcoholism in his family to Justin explaining to him that this is what his drinking problem could lead to if not taken seriously. Also Susan calculated up the amount of money that Justin spends on beer a month and how it could be used on other things. Even Justin’s children put forth the effort to bring it to their father’s attention the amount of their extra-curricular activities he has missed due to being passed out. Justin looked at the amount of money calculated up by his wife and realizes that he does have a problem and may have developed it from watching his father drink every day after work. Even though Justin admits ...

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...present due to the fear of relapsing.
It has now been six months since Justin has decided to stop drinking and he is doing very well. Justin regularly attends his AA group meeting and he is working with his counselor to spread alcoholism awareness. When Justin was drinking, he was neglecting his wife as well as his children, now Justin attends every game, play and recital. He has even become an assistant coach for his son baseball team. Susan is delighted at the change in Justin’s behavior and no longer has a reason to nag at him and they are even able to attend events with alcohol beverages without Justin becomes tempting. Justin recently received a promotion at work, his boss realizes the improvements in his work effort. Justin is confident that he will not go back to that place of darkness he once were and he recognizes how far he has come each day.

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