Essay on Case Study : Malaysia Airlines Company

Essay on Case Study : Malaysia Airlines Company

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Every organization has its own culture and structure that shape the entire performance of the organization. In this case, Malaysia Airlines Company indeed has changes almost the entire expect such as CEO, retrenched of employees and by introducing the concept of merger. MAS used to be the top airline services before the incident such as MH370 and MH17. That where the MAS organization decided to replace the old CEO to New CEO named Christopher Muller. Muller as the new CEO have officially effective in May 1, thus after for seeing the both incidents, he immediately come out with a strategic plan to remake the new look of MAB company. The effect that MAS was facing at the current situation was the company share continuously decreased a total of $1.3 billion as regular customer or passengers begin to lost faith on the MAS airline services.
The first step Muller did was to change the name from Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) To Malaysian Airlines Berhad whereby the malay word ‘berhad’ means private and to show that it is limited company in the airlines industry airline. The outcomes of change from MAB was to rebrand the airline as this will help the existing company to modified the company logo with a fresh coat of paint. This signifying that the new ceo have strategic plan to attract back the regular customers or passengers and the main goal for MAS to minimize the cost as low as possible. By this way, they are able to improve it share market in khazanah national reserve indirectly. The new CEO – Muller always on the run where by MAS not only need for rebranding and may need a top 10 bottom overhaul such as by hiring experiences and trained pilot to improve the enhance the MAB industry airlines industry.
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