Essay about Case Study : Grace Surgical Center

Essay about Case Study : Grace Surgical Center

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Grace Surgical Center is located inside a small hospital in a large diverse community. Discharged patients are not keeping their follow-up appointments. Fifty percent of appointment are not kept. Only ten percent of patients call and say they are not coming. The other forty percent do not show up for appointments. Patients cannot keep up with their medications. They are not taking their medication regularly, which is why they are readmitted to the hospital. The physicians affirm they are providing care in the best interest of their patients. The physicians assert they communicate with the patients in a manner in which the patients understand. The patients show visible signs of understanding such as the nodding of their heads. However, the nurse keeps hearing patients complaining about the services and the doctors. Many of the patients express dissatisfaction with the services. The patients don’t feel a part of the decision making process. They feel the physicians are always in a hurry. They feel information about other services are not communicated to them. They feel the center is behind the time as to the way in which services are provided. Complaints are getting so bad that a few of the patients have complained to other people in the community. People are opting to go to another surgical center ten miles out of the way. The medical staff is confused. They are providing good services, but the patients are not satisfied.
The hospital desperately wants to fix this issue. A physician remembers doing a small survey are few months’ back, but he cannot remember the outcome. Nurse Smith, who acts as a temporary manager, cannot find the survey or the results of the survey. She begins researching patient surveys again because of the rec...

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...communicating effectively with their patients. The patients are expressing dissatisfaction, yet environmental and organizational conditions have not improved. The doctors are not slowing their pace down. They are not informing patients about other beneficial services. Secondly, the medical professionals are not communicating among themselves or with each other. No one followed through with the small survey conducted a few months back. The medical professionals are not communicating because the conditions have not changed. They conduct business as usual.
The last secondary issue is financial risk. If the hospital does not provide good patient service, it runs the risk of loosing its patient population. Some members in the community are going to other area surgical centers. A decrease in patient population may mean a decrease in revenue. This is not good business.

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