Case Study : Gm 's Strategic Plan Essay

Case Study : Gm 's Strategic Plan Essay

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The case study, `Will GM 's Strategic Plan Lead to Success,` is about how the company General Motors Co. Plans to overcome financial deficits, ensure growth within the company, and remain competitive in the automotive industry. To help with overcoming financial deficits, GM was apart of the bailout, which assisted GM in relieving themselves of almost $40 billion dollars of debt. This restructuring gave GM an advantage over other automakers. Most other automotive businesses, that did not participate in the bailout, still have billions of dollars of debt they must repay in addition to competing with its adversaries.(Kinicki & Williams, 2013). GM made many cutbacks to ensure growth within the company. The reduced the amount models that are in production. They have recognized that some changes need to be implemented with global production in order to remain ahead. For instance, GM understands that they must reduce the number of models it produces for South America but at the same time those models need to be updated. (Kinicki & Williams, 2013). GM also recognizes that the company must remain competitive among other companies within the auto industry. They have used different analysts to keep and advantage over the other businesses. GM is continually aware of the where their competitors rank within the business. GM will continue to thrive if they remain vigilant in their pursuit of being number one among other companies within the automotive industry.

: Of the four basic strategy types, in this situation the company GM was identifying as a `defender.` As we learned in the reading, `defenders are e peers at producing and selling narrowly defined products or services.` (Kinicki & Williams, 2013). GM was very hesi...

... middle of paper ... groups and analysts to stay ahead by constantly producing the numbers for administration to see and compare to that of other authors. Comparing themselves to companies like Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai.(Kinicki & Williams, 2013). I do not think that they had a plan of action or ways to differently come up with different results than they had been getting. The numbers were down after the positive change in numbers after the bailout and restructuring occurred. Japan bounced back after the earthquake and tsunami. I don 't think that GM will look for different ways being the are stubborn in that they want to stick to their plan that has worked for them over the years. But I think they should look into finding a cheaper country for production such as India and make major cuts in Europe so they can begin to see bigger profits not only on the US but globally.

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