Case Study : Getting The Message Across Essay example

Case Study : Getting The Message Across Essay example

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Case 5.3: Getting the Message Across
Case 5.3: Getting the Message (Northouse, 2013) demonstrates an example of situational management. In summary, Ann Calbera is a program manager of a college campus radio station (WCBA). The radio station has a strong pipeline of student workers who value the media experience from working at the station. As a program manager, Ann is well respected, takes great pride in developing relationships with the student workers and allows them to be creative which the students respond positively to leadership style. However, the student workers have a lack of understanding on how their behavior negatively impacts the station and violates FCC rules by which the station is governed by. Even though Ann provides the students with a detailed policy and procedures handout, FCC violations still occur on a regular basis which result in illegal practices and consequences.
The problem at WCBA is that employees do not have a full understanding of their position description and how their behavior impacts the success of the radio station. This lack of understanding places an increased risk in financial and reputational burden on the station and inability to mitigate violations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Furthermore, Ann’s leadership style is not productive for the student workers who lack professional experiences and knowledge of FCC requirements or the importance placed on obeying the rules on a consistent basis. Based on SLII model, Ann would be a more effective leader if she institutes a directive (S1) leadership style since the student workers have some competency but low commitment (D2) behaviors. While the student workers demonstrate a passion and willingness to excel at the rad...

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...and respectful of authority (Summers, A.L., 2011). The millennial generation will respond to an environment which will allow for recognition for the work performed accurately and will comply with policies outlined by the FCC since they are driven by making a difference. Ann evolving her style to situational leadership coupled with a mentoring program will help the student workers develop portable skills while developing strategic alliances through the mentoring program with the third and fourth year students.
Creating a structured environment and opportunities to apply what employee have learned and firmly delegate authority will lead viable outcomes in productivity. Managers utilizing situational leadership will have the platform to change their style to meet the workers’ needs and allow for growth and professional development to meet the operational needs.

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