The Case Study For Ethical Analysis Essay

The Case Study For Ethical Analysis Essay

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Ethics Assignment

The aforementioned case study for ethical analysis focuses on the dilemma of employees confronted in a situation to meet bonus-compensated monthly quotas by forwarding customer leads, which have not been thoroughly reviewed as benefiting the company, and falsely reporting the number of customer leads, to account executives. To test for the presence of an ethical issue, an employee, deciding to intentionally forward unproductive customer leads and report an exaggerated total of customer leads, can hypothesize if their superiors will approve of their actions or terminate their employment, if brought to their attention. Since there is doubt and uncertainty, the employee has been faced with an ethics issue that requires scrutiny.

Based on the utilitarian approach of maximizing gain and minimizing loss to the involved parties, the decision made by an employee to misconstrue customer leads to management will manifest itself in a delayed but pronounced loss to both the company and the employee. As more low quality leads are intentionally passed to account executives, the revenue growth of the company will decelerate as expenses are maintained, or even increased due to employee bonuses, and company layoff might be the last resort to prevent the company from financially collapsing. On the other hand, if the employee fails to meet the monthly quota, then he will miss collecting the bonus, but the company will be aware its actual performance in acquiring new customers and the employee may sustain his employment with the company. As a result, there is more overall gain when the employee forwards only thoroughly reviewed customer leads and does not inflate the customer leads tally.

Ethical analysis framed by the right...

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...h a company. As a result, the utilitarian approach conveys the most convincing argument for the employee to not deceive his monthly quota and to diligently investigate customers leads prior to referring them to account executives. Additionally, the current incentive policy needs to be changed to hinder the opportunity for employees to deceive customer leads. For example, the company should reward bonuses to employees for successful customer leads, but not for any general customer leads encountered in daily business activities. Alternatively, the company can eliminate bonuses and instead allocate company shares to outperforming employees to instill both a sense of responsibility and shared ownership in the interests of the company. Implementation of the aforementioned ethical plan reflects the greatest consideration and prospective for both employees and the company.

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