Essay about Case Study : El Coyote Mexican Cafe

Essay about Case Study : El Coyote Mexican Cafe

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El Coyote Mexican Café was founded in March 5, 1931 when Blanche March and her husband, George wanted to get into the restaurant business. The restaurant 's main menu is Mexican food but the restaurant also serves typical American foods such as hamburgers and fries. The first location was located on La Brea and First Street in Los Angeles, CA. However, the location has since moved to 7312 Beverly Blvd. Today, I interviewed Bobby Robert who is an essential worker of the business and who makes important managing decisions at El Coyote Mexican Café. Robert started as an assistant manager at the age of 28. He has been a manager for the restaurant for the past 15 years. Robert’s role is to supervise the work of employees who have different specialties, such as waiters, waitress, kitchen staff, the account bookkeepers, and quality control. Essentially, Robert is considered a manager because he oversees the operations, helps in solving problems, spotting problems before they occur and insuring the safety of all employees and customers. Ethical problems in the workplace occur when employees steal food from the restaurant or do not charge guests for certain items. Robert feels that business ethics are very important when managing the restaurant, the staff and customers. To combat these issues, the restaurant has a computer system that Robert can use to monitor where the orders are going. By having this type of system in place, the computer demands that food and drinks be ordered through a middleman such as Robert, who is monitoring the system before the kitchen prepares it. However, when an employee does decide to steal food or alcohol and is caught, Robert corrects the situation by letting the employee know that he or she is lowe...

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... the public. Robert definitely had to have interpersonal skill in order to work effectively as a team member and leader. Managing a restaurant is a challenging responsibility. Whether it is dealing with ethical problems on the job with workers, or having to deal with a turnover, a manger always has to have a strong mindset like a leader does. The interview I had with Robert has given me a better observation of how mangers are important leaders in all kinds of communities. I personally want to one day become a manger and I believe Robert’s information of being a manger is valuable. After speaking with Robert I thanked him for taking the time to explain the questions I asked him from the textbook and I believe that these questions can help anyone interested in a management position at any business whether it is a restaurant business or another kind of establishment.

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