Essay on Case Study: Crime Investigation of a Death in Las Vegas

Essay on Case Study: Crime Investigation of a Death in Las Vegas

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The case is taking place in Las Vegas, United States of America. One morning, Tony Braun was found dead by the gardener of the house. The case has an appearance of a complete suicide. The body of Tony Braun is found in the living room in a laying position next to the couches. At the first look, there is no signs of any struggle or any other signs that could suggest murder. Investigators found a Xanax box, a prescription drug that is mainly used for anxiety disorders, laying near the body. There are no pills remaining in the box. However, the sticker on the box is stating that the prescription drug was refilled one day before the case took place. This might suggest consumption of many pills at a time by the suicide victim and also might suggest the cause of death as drug overdose. In addition to consumption of high number of Xanax pills, there is also evidences supporting heroin use. Aluminum foil and residuals of black tar heroin are found in the room. Other than drug box and other drug materials that were found in the crime scene, a back of an earring was also found near the dead body. Knowing that the rooms are vacuumed everyday by the maid, back of the earring must have been left there on the same day Tony was murdered. The earring might even belong to the murderer. There is no bodily fluids present such as urine or signs of vomiting. This might have been done by a second person who was trying to clean up the area and the body. This, therefore, is giving the case a homicide appearance. Crime scene investigators found tape residues on the victim’s wrist. This possibly implies that the victim’s hands were tied up by a tape and the tape was removed after. Investigators searched for any other possible evidences in the other rooms o...

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...ven an investigator who was not wearing disposable gloves. The other investigators that wear disposable gloves do not seem to be changing them frequently. Contamination must be avoided since it can destroy or alter an evidence. For example, biological evidences can easily be contaminated.
There are complications present with the time frames in this episode. It takes less than a minute for the scientist to develop the fingerprint from the tape. In reality, this process takes at least 4-5 minutes. This is also applicable for DNA analysis from the swab. In the episode the scientists are able to obtain results from DNA analysis at the same day. But this is not the case in real life for the same analysis. Extraction of DNA from the swab and obtaining isolated DNA takes at least a day. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain the DNA analysis results in a single day.

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