Case Study : Bombardier Inc. Essay

Case Study : Bombardier Inc. Essay

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Bombardier Inc. is a Canadian based manufacturing company of planes and trains. The company’s head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, 2014)

The table below shows all the various locations of offices for company around the world.

Aerospace Transportation Aerospace and Transportation
United Arab Emirates Austria
Czech Republic
South Korea
Thailand Canada
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Bombardier Inc. is a global phenomenon with over 76,400 employees from all over the world. (Bombardier World Presence, Bombardier, 2014)

Joseph Armand Bombardier built his first creation in 1937 at the age of 15 to solve a problem. He built a snowmobile like machine that would assist the citizens travelling through the snowy winters in Quebec, Canada. The Bombardier Inc. started in 1942 under the name L’Auto Neige Bombardier Limitèe. In 1959, Bombardier Inc. launched skidoos. By 1971, Bombardier Inc. entered the railway business and made their way into Aerospace in 1989. In 2012, Bombardier signed the largest business jet order in history, at the price $7.8 Billion. (History of Bombardier, Bombardier, 2014)

Bombardier Inc.’s two divisions include Bombardier Aerospace and Bombardier Transportation. Their aerospace division employs approximately 37,700 people. According to the company website, Bombardier Aerospace focuses mainly on business aircrafts, commercial aircrafts, amphibious aircrafts, specialized aircraft solutions, and aircraft service and training. ...

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...tomer-centered culture, which meets the commitment at every level of the company, as the company strives to innovate and keeping moving. Lastly, shareholder focus is about focusing on creating sustainable values through developing products that are as profitable, giving the shareholder as much benefits as possible. (Core Value, Governance, Bombardier, 2014). The corporate culture Bombardier has is evident as they are a leading organization; they need to maintain a good corporate culture in order to be successful in the modern business world as good culture attracts more employees, investors, customers, and overall stakeholders. In an interview, Pierre Beaudoin said that company is about “flying people not planes” (Simpson, McKinsey Company, 2011). From all their core values, it is evident that Bombardier makes an effort to maintain a positive organizational culture.

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