Case Study : An Automotive Part Supplier Essays

Case Study : An Automotive Part Supplier Essays

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Metalcraft, an automotive part supplier has an order from a car company for rubber vent hose to be used in a new luxury sedan. To complete this order Metalcraft will need to work with a third party supplier to create the needed hoses. The company came up with a ranking system that’s meant to give information about all of the suppliers and judge them on quality, timing and delivery. This scorecard system is put in place so Metalcraft could improve product quality, and could base decisions on this information. The member of the program management team has come together to make the final decision of where they should supply from. Of the 4 managers, they had amassed 3 different suppliers that they all wanted for different reasons. Giving the contract to the wrong company could cause more defects, which could in return shift Metalcraft’s ranking down on the automotive company’s scorecards. At the same time, it’s the company’s job to source a product that conforms to the standard put forward by Metalcraft will reducing the overall cost.
Automobile companies desired perfection out of their tier 1 supplier. This means zero defects and delivery at a very consistent timeframe. Because Metalcraft wanted to stay competitive to other tier 1 companies around the United States a score card was needed. The scorecard addressed issued within the supply chain that could make or break the company. Metalcraft looked at its suppliers using this metric to determine their ability to deliver quality products in a timely manner. With the sheer quantity of plants that Metalcraft rely on for parts, thus having some sort of categorizing system to track supplier performance is imperative. Without this ability to track the performance of would leave the comp...

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...s a selling point, but with the scorecard Autoparts should be the better choice.
The use of the case study could be very beneficial for many different users within the Metalcraft organization. The fact that most engineers are not aware of the scorecard’s existence is an evidence for a need to improve. Metalcraft should hold a webinar or some sort of computer based training that advertise the many uses of the scorecard system. This could increase productive within the workplace, also a reduction of lost man hours trying to find information that is already gathered in one place. Suppliers have access to view their scorecard, but there isn’t an area where they can comment about their rating. The feedback can give some insight in what’s going on in the company instead of seeing cut and dry numbers. This also can help in a debate on who to pick between two equal suppliers

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