Case Study : ' A Boy Who I Will Call Jessie ' Essay

Case Study : ' A Boy Who I Will Call Jessie ' Essay

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LaTasha Covington
Concordia College

The student I chose for this case study is a young boy, who I will call Jessie. He was observed in a classroom at an Early Childhood Learning Center. Jessie is a 3.6-year-old boy. He is the only child on his maternal side. Jessie has black curly hair, brown eyes and he seems to be the average height for his age range. Jessie basks in fun activities at the park, having books read to him and watching his favorite television program Bubble Guppies. Mary states her son is a loving boy that adores affection and receiving praise when executing positive behavior. According to Mary, he has an older sister and brother on the father’s side. Furthermore, she recalled Jessie’s dad revealing that his daughter is developmentally okay. However, his son has developmental issues, which he did not expand on. This paper will give insight on Jessie’s history from birth to age three. Additionally, you will see how he performs on a cognitive, social/emotional and physical development scale.
Family History
Jessie resides with his mom in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. His mom, Mary is 34 years of age, and native of Oklahoma. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Childhood Education. In addition to her accomplishments, she is also currently employed as a substitute teacher for the Department of Education. His Father Randy is 37 years old a native of Guyana, does not reside in the home, but sees his son regularly.
Early Development and Medical History
Mary experienced a normal pregnancy. However, diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she was due to give birth at 39 weeks. Her son’s birthplace was in Woodhull Hospital. Jessie weighed six pounds and four ounces at birth. ...

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...eems very happy around his cousin, who in turn is happy as well. Both boys play very well together and Jessie accepted any help his cousin gave him. Jessie really enjoys running around the house, making loud noises. Jessie stopped in the middle of playing a few times to watch a kiddie show called Sid the Science Kid. As the theme song played he sung the song and began dancing happily. He sat down for the show. However, when a commercial came on, he ran to play with his cousin.
Mary, his mom asked him if he was ready to eat. Jessie nodded yes and ran to the dining table to wait for his lunch. As Jessie was waiting for his food, he got down from the chair, walked into the kitchen, retrieved a juice from the refrigerator and returned back to his seat. A few minutes later he stood up and made his way to search channels until he finds his show of interest.

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