Case Studies On An Individual, Community Or An Organization Essay example

Case Studies On An Individual, Community Or An Organization Essay example

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Case studies are a vital part in psychology when obtaining information on an individual, community or an organization. By taking these groups or subgroups the psychologist can identify the problem and attempt to find solutions towards the problem. Case studies are meant to serve as a tool towards guiding the psychologist in any attempts to conduct a new solution on a current issue. It is important that when a case study is being produced, that the test subjects are not tampered with and that the information obtained in a case study remain confidential in its case material responsibility. Through a properly conducted case study, the psychologist can attempt to discover new concepts that help solve modern day problems either within an individual or society as a whole.
Definition of a Case Study
Considering the fact that a case study is a type of research method within the field of Psychology there are multiple different definitions which can apply when discussing the scientific methods of case study. However, the most diligent definition that I found when conducting research on the topic of case studies is located in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association which defines the research of case study as, “reports of case materials obtained while working with an individual, a group, a community, or an organization. Case studies illustrate a problem; indicate a means for solving a problem; and/or shed light on needed research, clinical applications, or theoretical matters.”(American Psychological Association, 2013). Typically, case studies are conducted in an environment where the test subject will be observed over time. That way the results can be measured to test for accuracy and reliability. When a researche...

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... Developing a Case Study
The various sources that a researcher may use when developing a case study must be considered scholarly resources to be respectfully included. Sources that have been retrieved from the any accredited University’s online library are a great example of proficient literature pieces that could benefit an individual in their research. The internet is ultimately a great tool to use for gathering previous information on a case study, however there are many issues with the reliability of the content that is provided on the web. Any information that is found can be altered and useless towards a case study and therefore should not be used. Whether you use scholarly sources that you find through a database or through an scholarly online website, it is important to reference any information that the researcher uses in their case study that is not their

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