Case Studies : Maslow And Allport Essay

Case Studies : Maslow And Allport Essay

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Case Studies: Maslow and Allport
Case Study 17
  Cindy is a four-year-old that has undergone great hurdles towards satisfying her basic needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (physiological, safety, belongingness and love, esteem needs, and need for self actualization.) She was raised only by her mother who is a drug addict and does not take care of her most basic needs as Cindy’s pediatrician noticed, such as bathing and how much formula the baby is given to gain the right amount of weight. The only person in her family that cares about her is the grandma, but there is only so much an old lady with severe arthritis can do to take care of the baby alone. One time, Cindy was very dehydrated and her mother still refused to take her to the hospital, preferring to spend her money on more drugs. Thus, Cindy has lacked basic physiological needs being met, such as water, food, and hygiene.
  While these needs were satisfied fully when she was placed in a foster family, as they provided nourishment, shelter, and bathed her, she still did not receive love and attention. Her needs of security and love were not provided at all as she was living in an unhealthy, chaotic environment (shootings for instance) and there was no affection for her. The consequences of all these needs not being met were that she cringed at people’s touch after a while and was incredibly shy and uncertain. Thus, she could not move higher up the ladder from physiological needs being met finally. However, the second foster family that Cindy was placed with took very good care of her not only on the basic level, but also regarding security (the house was clean and in a safe neighborhood). They showed her patience, affection, and love. At the end, she wa...

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...tivities for the church and activism and is very committed to her activities and beliefs. However, she does not seem to relate warmly to others as she is verbally abusive and judgmental and does not have insight into herself (which is another criteria failed by her). Her religious values have developed tenfold since her husband’s death and have to do, according to Allport, with trying to understand the universe and creating meaning in her life. This has directly to do with a philosophy of life, and thus meets this criteria successfully. There are six types of values that are present in each person’s life, but there are one or two that are usually dominant. In Grace’s case, religious values dominate her purpose of life. She is fully dominated and motivated by her husband’s unexpected death and this shows in her church activities, pro-life activism, and scrap-booking.

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