Case Studies in Information Technology Essay

Case Studies in Information Technology Essay

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Case studies play a significant role in the design and implementation of information technology. This is because of the fact that the global information technology industry is almost influenced by the same technological trends and it is feasible for them to share information regarding customization, upgrades and developments (Petrides 2000, 23). The design and application of information technology is generally associated with developments in information technology (Liebowitz and Khosrowpour 1997, 46). While developments in information technology are taking place rapidly, it is essential to realize that these developments are coming about as a result of the fact that the information technology industry is a global industry and the design and application of information technology is being influenced by developments across the globe at any given moment (Schwalbe 2010, 52). As a result, it becomes essential to ensure the sharing and analysis of information.
The usage of case studies in the design and application of information technology allows individuals to build on the process that has already taken place (Hilton 2002, 10). It is because of this reason that information technology case studies are often lengthy and comprehensive, and span a wide variety of issues. This characteristic of information technology case studies makes the case studies of invaluable importance.
The information technology industry develops rapidly on account of numerous reasons. One of the key reasons because of which the information technology industry develops with such speed is the fact that the global information technology industry engages in an extensive degree of information sharing (Shearman 2006, 114). This enables individuals to avoid making mist...

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