Case Report On Negligence Torts Essay

Case Report On Negligence Torts Essay

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paper on this week is regarding negligence torts. There are several aspects to negligence that will be outlined in this research paper. The initial paragraphs entail information on a product recall for Triaminic and Theraflu Products. Triaminic and Theraflu Products are medications that are used in the event of a cold or the flu. It is an over the counter medication that can be purchased at any pharmacy, grocery store or market. The recall was in reference to the issue with the child resistant closure. ( The incident arose because the company received twelve reports of kids unscrewing the locked caps and four reports of the children drinking the product. (
Describe the product subject to recall, including the recall date, recall number, and the reason for the recall.
Triaminic and Theraflu Products recalled due to failure to meet child resistant closure requirement – risk of poisoning. The child-resistant caps on these medicines do not work properly. Recalled medicines were manufactured before December 21, 2011. Recall date: January 31, 2013 Recall number: 13-114 and this recall involves Triaminic® Syrups and Theraflu Warming Relief® Syrups for coughs, colds and fevers. There are 24 types of these two products included in the recall. A complete list of products, lot numbers and National Drug Codes (NDC) can be found at Lot numbers are located on the bottom panel of the box and on the left side of the label on the bottle. The NDC number is located on the upper right corner of the front panel of the Triaminic Syrups box and the upper left corner of the Theraflu Warming Relief Syrups bottle. (
Analyze whether the manufacturer would be liable for negligence if the...

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.... The recall that was selected involved children having access to ingest a medication that could have proven to be toxic.
The research on this week was quite informative and provided a plethora of information on negligence that is now common place knowledge but that does need to be recognized. Recalls occur on a daily basis and it is nice to know that there are safeguards in place to protect consumers when they do not have the capability to protect themselves. The components of negligence, though quite engaging, we quite informative. The ability to read through and understand the duty and standard of care definitions was interesting. The topic and breakdown of causation was also informative from the aspect of a consumer as well as a business owner. This assignment allowed a wealth of knowledge to be utilized and spread to peers and family members.

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