Essay Case Presentation Of Katherine Malone

Essay Case Presentation Of Katherine Malone

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Case Presentation
Katherine Malone is a single 26-year-old Caucasian female who is currently residing in Riverside, California. Ms. Malone lives with her mother, step-father, and a younger half brother. Growing up, her biological father was physically abusive due to his alcoholism. Her parents got divorced when she was five years old and her mother remarried two years later. Her step-father began sexually assaulting her when she was about eight years old. Katherine confided in her mother, but her mother did not believe her and accused her of lying. The neglect and verbal abuse from her mother and sexual assault from her step-father went on for approximately eight years, until the age of sixteen. Katherine struggled throughout high school and withdrew herself from school activities. She kept to herself and drifted away from her friends. When she was fifteen, she began to steal from her parents’ alcohol cabinet. By getting drunk, she felt as though her mind was at ease. Under the influence of alcohol, she was able to blur out all of those late nights where she would be terrified to fall asleep, not knowing when her step-father would enter her room. She continued this habit so she can forget the things that have been done to her, forget the things that hurt her. When her mother would ask her about the missing bottles, she would deny that she took them. Her step-father would defend her and say that he was the one who drank them.
Three years after her drinking started, she graduated high school and managed to get accepted to a small town community college. However, her drinking continued and began to increase in frequency and amount. Her first semester in college, she met a lot of people that had the same interest in alcohol like her....

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...nt struggle and barriers for her personal goals leading to self-actualization. With this style of therapy, the therapist will use reflective statements and directive questioning to elicit self-motivating statements. This will also lead to behavioral change that the client will choose to change in partnership with the therapist. Throughout treatment, the therapist aides the client to understand the negative views of their substance abuse and helps the client develop the will to change their behavior. The therapist provides a safe and supportive environment for the client to prepare to make the changes identified. The client will continue to work with the therapist to discuss and solve possible barriers in integrating behavior changes into their daily lives. With the involvement and support of family and friends, Katherine’s recovery will be slow but successful.

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