The Case Of Tyrone And Tyrone Who Have Been Involved By A Verbally And Emotionally Charged Marriage

The Case Of Tyrone And Tyrone Who Have Been Involved By A Verbally And Emotionally Charged Marriage

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The case that was chosen involved Cherie and Tyrone who have been involved in a verbally and emotionally charged marriage for 13 years and have two children together. Tyrone was the aggressor in this relationship because he participated in behavior that was threatening, intimidating, critical, and frightening. Tyrone had been critical of Cherie since the beginning of their relationship. He took part in name-calling on a regular basis. The name-calling was once limited to the home; however, Tyrone began to belittle Cherie in public and around family members and friends. He also began going into jealous rages when she spoke to her friends or family members on the telephone and even threatened to cut the telephone cord to keep her from speaking to them. In addition, Tyrone threatened to take her credit cards and checkbook so she could be financially dependent on him. Cherie’s physician noticed symptoms of depression during a routine checkup and referred Cherie to a counselor for help.
The crisis components of this case were revealed throughout the session Cherie had with the counselor. During this session, Cherie revealed that her husband yells at her and the children when she spends money on food or uses the credit cards to purchase necessities for the children. He also becomes irate when Cherie talks on the telephone with family or friends. The rage Tyrone exhibits in front of the children intimidates not only Cherie but the children who are witnessing the behavior. This is a crisis component because this behavior is psychologically and emotionally damaging to children. These children are learning negative behavior within their environment, have no control over their surroundings, and lack the capacit...

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...lved in the therapeutic process now, it is important to address the possibility of involving him in future sessions if Cherie intends to remain in the marriage. Equally as important, is involving the children in family or individual counseling since they have also been victims of Tyrone’s verbal and emotional abuse.
In this case, Tyrone is trying to control every part of Cherie’s life by alienating, intimidating, threatening, and putting her down. His behavior has had a negative impact on Cherie’s self-esteem and has led her down the path of anxiety and depression. Fortunately, Cherie has taken a step toward receiving help. With the utilization of intervention strategies, Cherie can realize she is not the problem, learn to set boundaries, re-gain her self-esteem, create a safe environment for her children, and finally take back control of her life.

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