Case Of The Student Motor Company Essay

Case Of The Student Motor Company Essay

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This paper provide a detail analysis of case of The Student Motor Company (SMC), which produced an unsafe, small family car, The Zinger, to regain its market share in industry when It realize SMC losing its market share. The SMC’s Chief Executive Officer, make hasty decision to produce small size family car to target middle class customers. However, their profit margins are three to four times of the car. Ethical dilemmas, poor decision-making practices, over ruling quality standards along with bypassing the compliances of environmental and safety regulations affected their repute quite badly. Their short-terms solution techniques proved to be terrifying in later periods. In addition, ethical & economic alternative are also discussed and suggested to SMC in this scenario. Probable appropriate management decision-making approach is also highlighted. Moreover and above the all feedback obtaining procedures are designed to identify the deviation from the desired roadmaps.
The Student Motors Company (SMC) has autocratic style of leadership where Chief Executive orders to make Zinger, an affordable small car, goes absolutely wrong. Despite highlighting many major problems and flaws in the designs and security, SMC goes for its production to compete in the market through Zinger. The profit, which SMS is going to generate from Zinger, providing unsafe vehicle for passengers and environment, is unethical dilemma and the poor thoughts for Industrialist. These temporary solutions would never prove to be sustainable yet SMC’s CEO go for the manufacturing for Zinger. On the other hand, the workforce that require building these products is still producing the low quality product that is always add life threats w...

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...organization need to ensure the quality of product with different perspective and its more important then selling the numbers. It is selling of the reputation of company. Company should include all eight elements of the quality in the product that are performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. Moreover, company should consider the product quality from user-based approach, manufacturing concern based approach, product base approach, transcendent approach, and the value based approach. Also made their product differentiate it from other and cause competitive edge over other in the market or industry (Garvin, 1884). These all recommendation along with continuous monitoring and development plans for their product performance and feedback from customers are the integrals of the sustainable growth of SMC.

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