The Case of the Balding Client Essay

The Case of the Balding Client Essay

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The Case of the Balding Client

I have heard it all, from “ the last stylist fried it” to “The cat licks it out when I am sleeping.” I specialize in hair extensions and believe it or not these are the explanations I received from a client who brought me a handful of extension tips with tufts of her own hair dangling from the end, root bulb intact, to be reattached. I have been an extension specialist for 5 years and had never seen this. I was baffled. Was she pulling out her own hair? Was it falling out? Is it a disorder? If it is a disorder, is there a name for it? Is there treatment?

I considered the possibility that I had made a mistake, that I had misjudged the strength of that particular clients hair. For the average client, a stylist would have to attach a ratio of 20 extension hairs to 1 natural hair for the natural hair to be pulled out by the follicle. The human hair, literally, has the strength of a tiny iron wire. I needed to figure out what I had done wrong, so that I would not do it again and so that I did not have to continue to sacrifice my time and supplies to reattach the tips gratis. After a month of twice a week appointments, and the client presenting with the same issue, I decided that I would add a small highlight to each reattached tip, so that I could tell the difference between the ones that I had originally put in and the ones she claimed pulled her hair out. In one months time, there were very few tips that did not have a blonde highlight in them, and some had two shades of blonde signifying that I had reattached them multiple times. I was baffled. She also did not seem to be appropriately upset. Her hair was bein...

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