Essay about The Case Of Shaun, Mrs. Blake

Essay about The Case Of Shaun, Mrs. Blake

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Case Analysis
In the case of Shaun, Mrs. Blake, and the use of cell phones during class, many plausible stances could have been made. Shaun is a disruptive and dishonest student at Highlandview High School and often gets in trouble in school for his behavior. Mrs. Blake is a young teacher who is new to the school and is trying to gain the respect of her students, fellow teachers, and principal. Although there is no school policy regarding the use of cell phones, Mrs. Blake feels that students may be taking advantage of her by excessively using their cell phones during her class. She has decided to implement a rule banning the use of cell phones during her class period to promote student participation. The next day, expectedly, she observes Shaun pull out his cell phone during class. She immediately gives him a detention for breaking the policy. After class Shaun approaches Mrs. Blake and explains that his mother, Maria, was recently released from the hospital and has no one else at home to care for her. Maria has asked Shaun to keep his phone on him at all times in case of an emergency. Mrs. Blake claims that he was only checking his phone to see if it was his ill mother trying to contact him. After hearing his side, Mrs. Blake feels conflicted as to whether or not she should keep her original punishment. Despite the circumstances, Mrs. Blake decides to hold Shaun to his detention. She is unsure if Shaun is even telling the truth about his mother, and feels that he should have expressed his situation to her prior to class.
Though multiple stances could have been made in order to facilitate a solution to this controversial issue, one stance proves to be most beneficial for all members involved. Mrs. Blake should not give Shaun ...

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...lude rules we use when treating people different but making sure it is justifiable and fair. If Mrs. Blake were to take this route, she would not be taking these undefined rules into consideration when punishing Shaun.
A second alternative could have been that Mrs. Blake asked for more information as to why Shaun was on his phone as soon as she saw him using it. Instead of giving him detention so quickly, she could have decided to give him a warning. He should have told her beforehand, but she does understand his situation so she will let him off easy this time. Mrs. Blake wants the students to know that she is understanding when it comes to a difficult situation at home, much like this one. She wants them to feel comfortable enough to come to her when they feel there is an important issue that needs to be discussed. If Mrs. Blake can understand the situation and see

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