The Case Of Sexual Assault Essay examples

The Case Of Sexual Assault Essay examples

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Rebutting Delgado

In recent discussions of sexual assault, a controversial issue has been whether women are

jumping the gun into thinking they were raped. Are women just crying rape? This is something

A.J. Delgado questions. Delgado also argues how the words “sexual assault” and “rape” are

being tossed around like it’s nothing. She believes that college administrators are too quick to

call a situation rape; therefore, women are “being taught to believe they were raped.” My own

view is that this is not what is happening to college campuses and in other situations. Women do

not just wake up one morning and think to themselves, “I think I was raped last night.” Women

know right then and there if they are feeling violated, whether they are drunk or not. I believe

that women are not crying rape, considering the low percentage of rapes that are actually

reported. Therefore, every rape case should be taken seriously and appropriate actions should

It is no secret that people engage in sexual activity when they are under the influence of

alcohol or drugs. But, there is a fine line between drinking, knowing, and agreeing with the

activities you are partaking in, and drinking and not agreeing with the actions of another person.

Delgado disagrees with scholars and activists who define rape as sexual activity in which the

woman is drunk. Delgado herself admits to having enjoyable sex while not being sober, but she

most likely wanted to engage in sexual activity and was well aware of what her partner was

doing. So, by the definition of rape in her generation, Delgado proudly states that she has been

raped -- multiple times. I believe that this is a slap in the face to women who have been raped. If

I was Delg...

... middle of paper ...

...t all rapists will get caught, just like not

all thieves will get caught, but 8 percent is a very low number. That means that only 8 rapists

No rape case should ever be taken lightly. Colleges need to investigate these cases

carefully and make sure nothing is overlooked and that they gather all the evidence that they can

so a rapist will get what they deserve. This is significant because only 3 percent of rapists will

spend a day in prison. The other 97 percent are getting to walk free with no consequences. Rape

cases need to be taken seriously so the 97 percent of rapists who get to walk free are punished

and have to face their consequences. Delgado may think that victims are “crying rape” but in

reality, some are just crying for help, wanting justice to be served. Victims deserve peace and

should never have to face something so harsh, such as rape.

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