Case of Rebecca Nurse: Witch Trials Essay

Case of Rebecca Nurse: Witch Trials Essay

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In the small town of Salem, there came an uproar of people being witches and the practice of witchcraft among the people in the town. The town’s eyes were looking at Abigail Williams, Betty Paris, along with the other young girls that were dancing in the forest, making a love potion. To get the towns eyes off of them, they started pointing the finger at many others in the town who they didn’t like. The ‘afflicted’ girls blamed these people for possessing their bodies, forcing these girls to do the devilish acts that they were caught doing. Among the people they accused, there was a seventy-one year old woman named Rebecca (Towne) Nurse. Was Nurse really an innocent church goer, or was she really practicing witch craft forcing these girls to do things that they didn’t want to do, Nurse was just being blamed because of who she was and who her husband was.
As a young child, Nurse was baptized on February 21, 1621. Her family and herself were very Christian. They were always in church they believed in the word of God. Nurse and her family were always in church. When nurse got older she married a man that others described him as a traymaker. Her husband worked in the countryside in Topsfield, her husband was highly respected by his neighbors. Many of the town’s people called her husband to settle disputes. Together Nurse and her husband had a total of eight children, four males and four females. Nurse had her children go to church, they were all very Christian. Not only nurse was a Christian her sisters Mary and Sarah also believed in the word of God. Mary and Sarah were also accused of witchcraft.
Before the big uproar of people being witches and people practicing magic, Nurses mother was accused of witchcraft several years befor...

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...lse accusations. In the end nobody had to die. It was just all a misunderstanding that nobody cared to look deeper into what was happening. Everybody lost loved ones when they didn’t have too. The hangings could have been avoided if the girls just came forward and admitted what they were doing was wrong, they didn’t understand what they were doing. They help these people’s lives in the palm of their hand and they didn’t even care if they threw them away or let them live their life out.

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