The Case Of Large Technology Company 's Negotiation With The Team Members And External Members

The Case Of Large Technology Company 's Negotiation With The Team Members And External Members

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In the case of large technology company’s negotiation with the team members and external members, the negotiation process was unsuccessful due to the lack of leadership and the lack of communication skills. Additionally, it is very important for the company to have the same goal and objectives.
The main purpose of the research is to test the new software application’s ability to progress the student’s academic progress. However, after the research has been completed, one party which is the marketing department had decided to ignore the feedback from the internal and external members of the organization. It was understandable for the other party which is the Director of Sales to have concerns regarding the name of the product. The sales department are aware naming the product Pilot will have a negative sales outcome. However, the sales department manager should have been prepared before having any discussions with the Marketing Director.
One of the issue during the negotiation process is the lack of leadership from both side of the party. For example, both Director of Sale’s discussions was unsuccessful due to the fact that neither one of them did not have leadership skills. It is very important for the management to leadership skills, in order to have a successful negotiation. An example of a true leader is for someone to have the ability to build relationship with others. When a leader has the ability to build relationship with the other team members, it also builds trust and respect from the other team members. “Positive team relationships help create teams that are productive, which affects the company 's bottom line.” (Brown, 2016) When a leader has a strong relationship with their team members, it also creates a positive o...

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...uld have used their acknowledgement listening skills. “It simply means that we provide a sign of recognition to the speaker, by sending them subtle messages.” (Middleton, 2012) Both parties should have acknowledged each other’s concerns and issues. After each concerns and issues have been acknowledged, the next step to reach a mutual decisions and ways to deal with the current issues. Additionally, it is very important for both parties of the organization to have a common goals and objectives. When members from different teams do not have the ability to listen and lack on leadership, they are risking the company to achieve from reaching its goals. The main goal of the technology company is to increase profit. However, when both parties do not work together to have a common goal and interest, they can also ruin the company’s reputation and goals to increase profit.

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