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Case of Kirk Noble Bloodsworth Essay

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DNA is the blueprint of life. It stores our genetic information which is what is in charge of how our physical appearance will look like. 99.9% of human DNA is the same in every person yet the remaining .1% is what distinguishes each person (Noble Prize). This small percentage is enough to make each person different and it makes identifying people a lot easier when its necessary. DNA not only serves to test relationships between people it also helps in criminal cases. DNA testing in criminal cases has not been around for many years if fact it was not until the early 1990s when the use of DNA testing for criminal cases was approved and made available. By comparing the DNA of a suspect and that found in the crime scene a person can either be convicted of a crime or they can be exonerated. This method of testing gained more publicity in the 1984 case of Kirk Noble Bloodsworth a man who had been convicted of the rape and first degree murder of a nine year old girl in Maryland. His case was a milestone in the criminal justice system since it involved the use of new technology and it also raised the question of how many people had been wrongly incarcerated for a crime they did not commit.
July 25, 1984 the partially nude body a little girl was found in the woods of Rosedale, Maryland. She had been raped, a stick shoved inside her and then killed. Cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma to the head and strangulation. August 9th of that year a man was arrested and taken in for investigation. After spending a year in prison he was convicted of first degree murder and rape on March 1985 and sentenced to death a month later. The man sentenced was Kirk Noble Bloodsworth a former marine who had been placed by witnesses with the girl...

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