The Case Of ' Jada ' Essay

The Case Of ' Jada ' Essay

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Jada had called them and the hotel aware she would be there to settle up and pick up her things. When they arrived the room had been cleaned and freshened up. Jada only had one suitcase and she went to retrieve it. Before she could grab the bag, Maxwell picked her up off the ground, went over to the sofa, and sat them down with Jada just inside lap. He asked, “What are you doing?!

She didn’t know what was happening and she answered. “I was getting my luggage.”
He asked incredulously, “Seriously, Jada?!”
She didn’t understand his ire, “Maxwell what…”
He moved underneath her and Jada could feel his penis at her ass. She gasped and gripped his thighs.
He then came to her ear and said sexily, “If I can handle all of this (He rubbed her thighs slowly up and down) then I can handle your luggage.”
Jada tried to stand. He had a serious grip on her. He then maneuvered them and Jada was now sitting directly on his lap. Maxwell scooted down a bit on the sofa. He was right there in the center of her V.

Jada pleaded, “Maxwell…no.”
He asked, “No…what?”
She tried to get away again. He pulled her back and now she was lying on his chest. Maxwell reached inside her sweater and cupped her breast. Jada shook her head no.

He then moved the bra with his hand and reached for her nipple. Jada tried with all of her strength to get up. He laughed softly.

Feeling exasperated she leaned back again. “Why are you doing this to me?”
He asked on a whisper, “Doing what?”
She shook her head trying to clear it, “Please don’t touch me.”
He surged forward, “It’s like fire, isn’t it?”
Jada moaned, “Oh, God!”
“Yeah, I know.”
Yes, he wanted her sexually. That she had no doubt. All though there were times she couldn’t understand why. She wa...

... middle of paper ...

Drew came to stand by his brother and he asked, “Do you feel she has something here?”
Maxwell looked at his brother and responded, “It hasn’t been easy.”
Maxwell was worried about Jada. He knew this was hard on her and all he wanted was to be there for her. She didn’t need to be going through this alone. The more she tried to pull away, the more he would go after her. She needed him more than she realized. He was her husband and he was going to help her.

With his brother quietness he asked, “Max? Do you want to call it quits, too?”

Maxwell looked at his brother, arched a brow and said, “Hell, no! She’s my wife and no matter what that arrangement stipulates she will stay my wife. There will be no walking away, giving up, or damn divorce.”

They all heard the declaration…Loud and clear. Drew realized that Jada had no idea just what she was up against.

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