Case Of Furman V. Georgia Essay

Case Of Furman V. Georgia Essay

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Beginning the well-known case of Furman v. Georgia, it all started on August 11, 1967 when 26 year old William Henry Furman entered the residence of 29 year old William Joseph Micke during the middle of the night in attempt to rob any valuables from the home. Micke, awakened by the commotion, proceeded to his kitchen find Furman inside his home stealing his belongings. Before Furman could react, Micke confronted Furman but was stopped in his own tracks when he noticed the hand gun he had in his person. Unfortunately for Micke, as Furman reacted to running out of the home he tripped and fell over, exposing the gun and triggering a single bullet hitting a clean shot right through Micke’s chest killing him instantly. Micke’s family, who had awakened soon after they heard the gun go off, quickly called local police who soon after they arrived at the scene were able to find Furman escaping on foot and still in procession of the murder weapon. With the charges of attempted burglar and Murder, Furman was put on trial in Superior court on September 20, 1968. The trial only lasted a day given the substantial amount of evidence against him. Even with an insanity plea that the court denied, the jury found Furman guilty of murder and was sentenced to death on September 21, 1968 at 5:00pm. This ruling brought up the issue on whether or not the death penalty, particularly in this case, was considered ‘cruel and unusual’. Enough support was gathered for the Supreme Court to take on this case beginning in January 17, 1972. Throughout the case it was made clear that the issue to be discussed was whether or not the death penalty would “constitute cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments” (Oyez). After months...

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...le cause that will surely make them doubt themselves or continue their idea of righteousness. Therefore my position in this case is that those who commit the crime must equally pay the price for their actions, no more, no less.
Overall, the death penalty being applied today has not changed much on those who receive it for their convictions, mostly those who are convicted of murder, rape, terrorism, etc. if death sentences thin out its limits, then it could easily be obligated because “baseline culpability of the crime should be higher and there should be less variance between eligible offenders” (Smith 1159). Then there would be people who commit lesser crimes getting the death sentence and vice versa. The limit to where death sentencing is being placed has stayed neutral for quite some time and it would take another Supreme Court case to make any drastic changes.

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