Essay on Case Of Faretta V. California

Essay on Case Of Faretta V. California

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Within the constitution, the sixth amendment has guaranteed offenders with the right to a public trail, an unbiased jury, and the rights to understand whom the accusers are as well as the evidence and charges that have been brought against them. (Citation1) Most notably, the right to legal counsel, even if the defendant cannot afford it, has been rewarding but continuously disputed within the Supreme Court when it pertains to disabilities. (Citation2) This has provided the court system with a dilemma of whether a person, who is not able to fully comprehend the court system, as well as its statutes, should be able to represent him or herself in a court of law. As a result, it is important to examine Supreme Court cases that have shown the progression of this issue and the steps that are being taken to come to a resolution.
When it pertains to the case of Faretta v. California, Anthony Faretta was charged with grand theft and refused legal counsel because he was willing to represent himself in the court. (Citation3) Based on a hearing to examine his capabilities, it was later determined that he did not have the constitutional rights to proceed in his own legal counsel, this decision was upheld by the Supreme Court after numerous appeals. (Citation3) Additionally, the Supreme Court upheld the decision that individuals would be able to self-represent in court proceedings, as long as they are intellectually able to do so. (Same) As a result, it appears that the ability to stand trial and represent oneself within court proceedings is based on intelligence and behavior. In this particular case, Faretta’s intellect and behavior was in question within the legal proceedings because he had a high school education as well as had represented ...

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...ough to stand trial but who suffer from severe mental illness to the point where they are not competent to conduct trial proceedings….” (Citation) The significance of this particular case and ruling presents the importance of being able to stand trial and represent oneself in a courtroom but it cannot compromise the ability to receive a fair trial.
Based on the four legal proceedings spanning over 30 years, it is important to understand that an individual’s competency to stand trial as well as self-represent must ensure they will still receive a fair trial. The Supreme Court rulings are justified that disabilities does not necessary make the defendant incompetent of facing trial but does not automatically mean competence to self-represent. Both must be evaluated and examined to ensure fairness and equality while adhering to all sixth amendment constitutional rights.

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