The Case Of Cooper Green Hospital ( Cgh ) And Its Community Care Plan Essay

The Case Of Cooper Green Hospital ( Cgh ) And Its Community Care Plan Essay

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In the case, of Cooper Green Hospital (CGH) and its Community Care Plan (CCP) we will explore the problems that plagued the hospitals growth and address the attempts made by senior leadership of the hospital to enhance its reach to the poor and undeserved citizens of Jefferson County who were in critical need of medical treatment. We will look at strategies senior leadership explored and offer recommendations CGH could address to fund CCP once funding runs out next year.

In its mission of providing care for the underserved, under constant scrutiny from County Commissioners, Media, and faced challenges of providing quality care to there community. For the first 2 decades the hospital faced increasing budget pressures, understaffed, and had an overflow of patients.

Some of the major problems faced by the hospital were balancing cost with maximum access to care, managing employees within budget, performance and demand, simplifying procedures, and aligning them with policies.

The feasible strategies proposed by senior leadership to insure CCP would continue its mission of providing much needed health care, less wait times, and less cost to Jefferson County residents. The first would be invest in technology. In the 1990s, there was an increase emphasis on outpatient care driven by the need to reduce cost and improve technology that would enable more types of care to be delivered on an outpatient basis.

The lack of capital resources CGH leadership chose to not invest in crippled there opportunity to draw more well insured patients and create a better patient experience. The need for technology improvements, new medical renovation and to reduce long waiting times would improve the patient experience and increase declini...

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...lish more ways to generate operational revenue and invest in technology advancement to attract more well insured patients would be key to insuring the long term goal of providing exceptional care to patients.

In closing, its important for CGH to employ these strategies and recommendations to prevent the loss of funding to CCP and continuing on it mission of providing good quality care to its patients. The need to invest in technology and expand services into the community is critical. Which will intern create a better patient experience and increase more out-patient revenue for CHG. The need to join with JCDC and gain more market share to attract more patients to its clinics. Finally, aligning with other hospitals in the area and establishing a plan to increase funding would insure CGH have the opportunity to adapt to the changing health care environment.

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