The Case Of A Nurse Job Essay

The Case Of A Nurse Job Essay

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In the case study, it starts out talking about a couple Juan and Maria who were immigrants from another country that came to the United States to move with their daughter (Carla), her husband (Soloman), and two grandchildren. Maria has diabetes and she pays for her insulin out-of-pocket, she’s worked as a housekeeper where they were paid cash. Juan has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, he receives help from the federal health center for his prescription. He worked as a janitor, at his job they were paid by salary, received Social Security and had a small amount of money put into his 401(k). On the other hand, neither of their jobs provided them with health insurance.
Later in the case, Juan had a stroke and had to retire from his janitor job. He suffered from an inability to be able to speak clearly, was partially paralyzed on the right side of his body, developed cataracts that turned into muscular degeneration, which causes blindness over time, he also lost his mobility which caused him to have issues with walking, lastly he was unable to bath and feed his self without help. Living with these disabilities without being rehabbed continuously is hard and put a strain on the person family. If he continues to lives at home it will be hard for home to gain is independence, because he prepared to live in an unprofessionally assisted environment. Maria no longer worked at her job and she was trying to focus on take care of husband and grandchildren. Her grandchildren were at an age where they were old enough to take care of themselves. Due to the fact that Maria had to quit her job to take care of her husband they begin to transition days where they could take care of their grandfather so that Maria could get rest. Solomon fee...

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...e events. Six percent died. And 60 percent of these adverse events were deemed “clearly or likely” preventable by medical experts.” (Gleckman, 2014) Although, a nursing homes and rehabilitation centers provide need service most people fear for their loved on being in them because of this tragic reason. These all are important factors that helped me come up with my recommendations.
All of the listed problems could be resolved by placing Juan in a nursing home. Since Maria is in fairly good health besides her diabetes I do not see the need of her to be in a nursing home beside to accompany her husband. At a nursing home the can help Juan regain his independence by professional teaching and strengthening him on how to improve and live with his disabilities. The only other alternative is to seek help through the PACE program, adult day, and by hiring a home health aide.

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