Case Letter : A Client Complaint Letter Essay

Case Letter : A Client Complaint Letter Essay

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On August 18, 2014, our location received a client complaint letter. The client, Mr. Henry Stewart, has been a client of ours for five years. Mr. Stewart is a prominent real estate agent in our community. We receive numerous residential and commercial referrals from him. Mr. Stewart stated in his letter that he was ending his relationship with our company. He also complained that we sent two inexperienced employees to service his yard. He also stated that these employees were very rude to him. Furthermore, these employees did not cover Mr. Stewart’s pond, prior to spraying the trees and shrubs. Consequently, this caused $2,000 of prized Koi fish to die. In Mr. Stewart’s letter, he demanded full restitution for his prized Koi. If we did not comply, he threatened court. In addition to the letter sent to us, I discovered that Mr. Stewart also posted scathing commentary on our company blog.
My first course of action was to immediately respond to the client. Since Mr. Stewart is such an invaluable client, I decided to personally call him. I called him the same day that I received the letter. My objective was have him reconsider his termination with our company. My conversation with Mr. Stewart did not start off so well. He was angry and felt that our company was clearly incompetent. He could not understand how we could make such a grave error. My response to him was very apologetic for the loss of his prized fish. In addition, I acknowledged that what happened was unacceptable. Offering Mr. Stewart full restitution for his prized fish, I stated “We are not offering this to deter from court proceedings, but because we want you to know how much we value you as a customer.” I assured Mr. Stewart that I would personally be investigating t...

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...ould print the roster, look at it, and make changes if needed. Tom and I went on to review the hiring process. We were concerned as to how two employees with bad attitudes were hired. Currently, the branch human resource departments do all of the hiring. We found that they hire people solely based off of technical experience. Our concern is that there is more to this job than just the technical aspect. We suggest to either allow the field managers to become part of the hiring process, or provide additional training to the hiring team. The complaint letter from Mr. Stewart has inadvertently enlightened us to weaknesses that our company has within. We feel that our suggested changes are vital to our company’s continued success. Tom and I are offering our services to assist in implementing these changes. Please advise on how you would like for our team to move forward.

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