Essay about Case History Of Me As A Writer

Essay about Case History Of Me As A Writer

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Case History of Me as a Writer 
Each and every individual has an adaptable standpoint to where they see themselves placed as to how prepared or how comfortable they are with college level reading and writing. It’s quite difficult to determine exactly the specific expectations, but there is a general perception as to what should be expected. Reflecting on my background and experiences of reading and writing defines my level of preparedness and comfort with course material for college. By self-assessing my readiness for the course, I am able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses as a reader and a writer. 
Without recognition of the document "Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing", I already have a general idea of obvious skills I excel at and skills that require some improvement to become a stronger reader and writer. I learned multiple reading and writing strategies throughout my high school English classes by reading multiple novels, writing personal, argumentative and persuasive essays, learning new vocabulary and writing speeches and presenting them. My strengths include creative ideas, using my own personality and voice in writing, effective use of rhetorical devices, and using excellent vocabulary. But I also have a few weaknesses that need to be addressed, including reading comprehension to analyze a novel or story into an essay or to answer specific factual questions based on a passage, using run-on sentences in an essay, and repetition of phrases used in my writings. I am determined to dedicate time on fixing my weaknesses to better myself as a reader and a writer. 
By taking the 'Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing" document into consideration, I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses based on ...

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... is a drawback for me because I have little to no exertion to understand other’s thoughts and beliefs of different cultures. It’s difficult to determine what an individual has been thinking and connecting their views and choices to what I’ve adapted to in my own culture, but it’s something I genuinely need to work on. 
By self-assessing myself in my reading and writing skills, I have determined which techniques I am excelling at, satisfactory at, or need improvement with. Throughout the first semester of college, I will continue to nurture off of the information I am taught every day to strengthen the necessary skills to become a better reader and writer, and will maintain the skills I already have experience with. I genuinely hope to become a better reader and writer throughout the courses I am taking, and to gain knowledge that can be put to good use in the future. 

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