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The Case for Cloud Essay

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What is cloud computing? Wikipedia provides a great and succinct definition of cloud computing. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is the “delivery of computing as a service rather than a product”. This definition provides a great baseline against which we can measure how HP is doing with respect to the cloud. Another aspect of cloud computing that is important to understand are the benefits expected to be obtained from it. Within this white paper, I will discuss the value proposition of cloud and the industry adoption of cloud. Further, within this paper, the benefits of cost reduction, flexibility, and agility will be established. For the moment, however, I would like to offer cost reduction, flexibility, and agility as being the outcomes that are required of cloud and collectively they represent another baseline against which we can measure HP’s current cloud capabilities and strategy.
The overall objective of this paper is to articulate the fact that HP seems to be behind our competitors in the implementation of a cloud strategy. One of the things that prompted the writing of this paper was the news that HP ES will be reducing or even cutting out investment in cloud including further work in ECS and support models for CloudSystem. Whatever the situation is with HP ES, this paper will attempt to make that case that HP is currently behind competitors in terms of Cloud computing and that we should accelerate not reduce investment in cloud computing and this investment must be made in the development and delivery of cloud services.
Consider our current state of affairs. HP currently has no public cloud offering that is generally available to customers, HP’s ECS offering has a pricing approach that positions it...

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