Essay on The Case Eeoc V. Target Corp

Essay on The Case Eeoc V. Target Corp

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.What were the legal issues in this case? What did the appeals court decide?
One of the issues in the case EEOC v. Target Corp. is that the EEOC alleged that Target violated the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by engaging in race discrimination against African-American applicants who were interested in management positions. It is argued that Target did not give the opportunity to schedule an interview to plaintiffs, Kalisha White, Ralpheal Edgeston and Cherise Brown-Easley, because of racial discrimination. On the other hand, it argues that Target is in violation of the Act because the company failed to retain and present records that would determine if there was reason to believe that an unlawful practice had been committed.
Originally the district court dismissed the action against Target due to the argument that the reason why the SLT Mr. Armiger (person in charge of recruitment at that time) does not schedule an interview with the plaintiffs was because he was very busy and therefore he could not reply their messages or calls. Subsequently, the EEOC presented an appeal to the court where it showed enough evidence to establish that the reason that Target presented was a pretext, thus demonstrating at the court sufficient evidence to prove a possible racial discrimination against Mrs. White, Edgerton, and Brown - Easley. The court reverse and remand for further proceedings.
* In December 2007, Target and the EEOC reached an agreement that ended the litigation. Target agreed to pay $510,000 to the defendants and revise its policies at regarding the retention of documents. He also agreed to train supervisors on the policy and report hiring decisions. (P. 116)
2.What are the obligations of an e...

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... of Black School Educators.
• Mrs. Brown-Easley received an e-mail from Armiger for her to call and schedule an interview , she called and scheduled am interview . Mr. Armiger failed to call her at the apointed time, so Mrs. Brown-Easley called him again and was informed that he left. She left a message and call the next day, but she never received a responds from Mr. Armiger.
*Armiger testified to knowing that Alpha Kappa Alpha was an African-American sorority.
* The EEOC presented testimony from Dr. Thomas Purnell, indicating that some people can identified and determinate a speaker’s race based on his/her voice or name. (p.115) Also Dr. Marianne Bertrand testified that some recruiters could identify a person’s race by their names.
After evaluating the evidence, we may determine that the race of applicants could be a factor in why they were not interviewed.

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