Essay on Case Analysis : The Salesforce Organization

Essay on Case Analysis : The Salesforce Organization

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1. Yes, it is time for IPI to reconsider the salesforce organization. As IPI has more key customer types than the number of product lines, decision should also base on people consideration or customer type. By having each region specializing the accounts according to customer type rather specify through certain product line, both buyer and distributors satisfy their needs all at one. It is a better way to delivery product to customers, customers would be more happier if they can finished their shipping list without goes around the store talk to different expertise of certain product. Thus, it less time waiting and no repetition of same customer asking same question to multiple salesperson, less cost of customer duplication.
2. Some of the advantages that come along with it organizing by product line that would be allows sales management able to control better and the selling effort cross the various product. Salespeople become more experts in product features and application. When product sales organization use line positions, it implies the position are part of top management hierarchy in sales management. However, along with advantage it also comes disadvantage, high cost and duplication both in geographic and customers. Having multiple salespeople doing the same job, it one of the main problem in this organization structure of product line: grocery chain buyer and distributor of papers and plastic company having difficult time to get a hold from sales team.
3. Developing a new sales organization, which it calls market organization structure where salespeople are assigned specific types of customers and required to meet their customer needs. That the advantage for Western Region when it organizing according to these customer t...

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...rsuade them to work harder than before as their commission will cut in the future with existing account.
4. The change I would make is the commission rate and the other half of Morgan’s account where he potentially want his son to hold account for. Keeping commission rate the same it gives incentive for salespeople to work harder. Perhaps, bringing new accounts to the company as they see the intrinsic of high commission rate. On the other hand, the portion of Morgan’s accounts the remaining after the split between Foster and Seaver instead of giving to Joe’s son all at once after one year, Joe can do giving a smaller group of accounts, then slowly hand the big accounts to his son. When the second year of redesign, Joe could finally give all his account to his son after having proven to the salespeople his son capable and a great candidate to handle all his accounts.

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