Case Analysis : ' The ' Jody ' Essay

Case Analysis : ' The ' Jody ' Essay

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Case Formulation
1. Client Name Jody Rohmer
2. Age 52 years old
3. Ethnicity Unknown
4. Occupation Salesperson
5. Educational attainment Possible High School/Not specified

6. Presenting Problem(s)

Jody was born biologically with male genitals and he was brought up as a boy. Unlike his more gender-typical older brother, Jody’s childhood behavior was considered “sissy”. Jody genetically preferred the company of girls compared to boys during childhood. Jody considered herself a bisexual male until the age of 19. At 19 years of age, she became involved with a man, and her identity would be transgender, meaning that Jody was unhappy with her gender of birth and seeks a change from male to female. It would seem that there was some late-onset dissatisfaction, and late-onset is linked to attraction to women; in comparison to early childhood-onset, which are attracted to men. Jody identified herself as bisexual. The relationship with the man ended; nevertheless, Jody’s desire to become a woman consumed her, and Jody feels that’s he was born in the wrong sex. Jody was trying to figure out when she first experienced her sense of dissatisfaction with her gender. Consequently, she could only remember wishing she was a girl in order to fit in with her friends. At age 20, Jody recollected how unhappy she was being looked upon as a man, and she regarded her genitalia as offensive and as a genetic error. Between 22 and 24, Ms. Rohmer lived as a female, including changing her name and wearing exclusively women’s clothing. Jody dated more women (lesbians), however gay and straight men were indifferent. Jody dated lesbians or individuals in numerous stages of cross-sex treatment. At age 24, Jody Rohmer was assessed by two experienced court-assig...

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...other alcohol-induced mental disorder is also present, do not use the codes below for alcohol use disorder. Instead, the comorbid alcohol use disorder is indicated in the 4th character of the alcohol-induced disorder code (see the coding note for alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal, or a specific alcohol-induced mental disorder).
For example, if there are comorbid alcohol intoxication and alcohol use disorder, only the alcohol intoxication code is given, with the 4th character indicating whether the comorbid alcohol use disorder is mild, moderate, or severe: F10.129 for a mild alcohol use disorder with alcohol intoxication or FI 0.229 for a moderate or severe alcohol intoxication.
Specify current severity:
305.00 (FI 0.10) Mild: Presence of 2-3 symptoms.
303.90 (FI 0.20) Moderate: Presence of 4-5 symptoms.
303.90 (FI 0.20) Severe: Presence of 6 or more symptoms

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