The Case Analysis Of Sas Institute Essay

The Case Analysis Of Sas Institute Essay

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After reviewing the case analysis of SAS Institute, it is clear to see that they are well organized company. SAS Institute is design with a well put together cultural background. They distribute great employee motivation amongst their company, willingly to create a happy work place for all employees. Quickly into overviewing this case analysis, I was able to see multiple times they offer great attributes to any member apart of their organization. This allows employees to come to an understanding that their job of just working means much more than clocking in and out every day. Throughout the case there is multiple times were we readers are first introduced to chief executive officer/ founder of the company Jim Goodnight. Mr. Goodnight not being the typical CEO of just another company, he actually was the main reasoning for SAS’s success with culture and motivation throughout the company. He stood for much bigger than believing in just giving special rites to special people in the company. In fact he made it fair for all members at SAS to be treated equally allowing them to worship their job due to the actual work and not pay. Throughout the case we got to know a little background on Jim Goodnight and what he had done prior to founding SAS Institute. Mr. Goodnight had currently worked for NASA where he was introduced to an unfair work development. He was showed what the satisfaction or poor culture and employee motivation was. So moving forward into producing his own company he wanted to see a change.
While jumping into analyzing this organization, I think it is best to pin point perspectives from our textbook which goes hand in hand with this company’s outline. Chapter sixteen in our textbook highlights the benefits of organizati...

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...yearly count SAS tend to double its revenue in sales. Also they beat out other companies that are as big of a company as them in holding employees. SAS only loses an average of 130 employees yearly compared to other organizations where they lose up to 1000 employees a year. This benefits the consumption of work that gets done within the year that places each company in a high or low percent tile. It is clear that SAS Institute can hold its employee which is another great attribute for its culture, but where else can they add on for better management. I honestly believe if they push more for an external motivation strategy that this will also push employees to be more motivated to work harder. Which will benefit the company over all because it is still a lack of work ethic being produced if they remain in an overall third and fourth ranking amongst their competitors.

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