Case Analysis : Ladies And Gentlemen Essay

Case Analysis : Ladies And Gentlemen Essay

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I would like to thank the jury for their attention to this matter which has been greatly manipulated and falsely represented by the plaintiff. Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to agreements, there is a difference between accusing someone for breach of contract and signing the contract without understanding or reading the agreement itself. In addition, there is also a huge difference between being a victim of emotional distress and trying to cheat the system with the intent to gain monetary benefits. But there is also a fine line between accounts for a reasonable doubt, and what constitutes to merely excuses stated by the plaintiff himself. Your honor, members of the jury, the plaintiff failed to understand that it was his responsibility as an ADULT and when SIGNING the contract to read the terms and conditions that were applied to everyone under the contract by Pioneer Computers and Pine Crest Tech Services. As the plaintiff himself confessed….I repeat…as the plaintiff himself CONFESSED that he signed the contract without reading it and did not bother to pay attention in the school wide assembly regarding the policies and regulations of the Pioneer Computers and Pine Crest Tech Services proves that the plaintiff should be barred from gaining any type of monetary compensation and Pioneer should not be held responsible for such demeaning and false accusations. The law is not there to allow someone to ignore the stipulations of any agreement or contract, and then create a so called need to defend him/herself from the stipulations. Ladies and Gentleman of the Jury, I request you to judge the plaintiff by his/her actions and failure to understand the role of a contract which is not one sided but a mutual agreement between two parti...

... middle of paper ... signed by none other than but Parker Smith...I repeat….The contract was signed by none other than…..but Parker Smith. It should not have been a surprise for the plaintiff that the Pioneer was in full control of the laptop but how would Parker Smith know about this? BECAUSE HE DID NOT READ THE CONTRACT. That is it...I don’t need to prove anything else. This case is now a judgement of Parker Smith’s actions not what Parker Smith think he/she did or what he/she thought it was. As I finish ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I request you to hold Parker Smith, the plaintiff, accountable for his/her failures and false accusations on my client, Pioneer Computers and Pine Crest Tech Services for civil wrong of tort regarding the breach of contract which is incorrect and unjustified. The plaintiff should be precluded from receiving any form of equitable relief. Thank you.

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