Case Analysis : Client History Essay

Case Analysis : Client History Essay

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Client History
• Philander Owensby was convicted in Delaware County of Possession of a Controlled Substance, a Class C Felony in 2006. He was also convicted of Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance within 1000 feet, a Class C Felony in 2007 in Delaware County. Both convictions are being used to support the prosecutor’s case to seek habitual offender status.
• In 1995 and again in 1998, he was charged with possession with intent to distribute. The 1995 charge was possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. The 1998 charge was dropped, and he was convicted of the 1995 charge.
• He has had several possession charges (crack, cocaine, and marijuana). Some have now been dismissed, multiple driving while suspended charges, and several other misdemeanor charges, most of which have been dismissed. In 2010 he was charged with attempted theft and found guilty. Throughout this, he has had multiple PVs and FTAs. He usually pleads guilty.

Philander Owensby: In the questionnaire, he stated he was leaving J. Drake’s house when he was pulled over by the J.E.A.N. Team. He claims that they brought him in and told him that if he didn’t work with them that he would be charged with DWS and dealing. He claimed to have no clue what they were talking about. He agreed because he claims that he just started working and got his daughter back. He claims to have made a call to set up a buy, but the person, J. Drake, somehow knew he was with the J.E.A.N. Team, and the deal fell through. He was told to call the J.E.A.N. Team the next day to set up another buy. He claims that the news spread around town about his involvement with the J.E.A.N. Team. He stated that as a result, he was in 3 fights, and he was labelled a snitch. He claims to have ...

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...em speaking, and Kelso had returned and said that they had to wait. Another vehicle pulled up near McCorkle. A short time later, McCorkle pulled away and took Kelso back to the bar.

Extra Information
• The prosecutor’s office has filed a notice of intent to seek habitual offender status. (4/1/2015)
• The CD only contained video of the 1st buy. On the state’s exhibit list only “Video Buy #1” is listed. The 2nd buy was recorded, but there is no video.
• Owensby mentioned working with the J.E.A.N. Team sometime before May 15, 2015 when he was told he had a warrant for 2 dealing charges. Does Owensby remember the dates or around what time he was involved with the J.E.A.N. Team? Do these dates match up with the October 2014 dealing charges? None of the J.E.A.N. Team reports mention any of the events Owensby described (bringing him in, setting up a buy for them, etc.).

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