Case Analysis: Calling 911 Essay

Case Analysis: Calling 911 Essay

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1. What human factors problems did you identify in the case study?
The first human factors problem I identify is the sparking electric night-light. It is the cause of the fire and thus it is definitely had the design problem from the aspect of human factor. Next is the design of installation of steel security bars at each and every window. Although the design of the steel security bars is to protect the residents of the house, it has a fatal disadvantage which is limited the escape action of the residents. The case study proposed a solution to it which is panic hardware. However, the house only installed one set of panic hardware and this indicated another human factor problem that occurred in setting up the security system of the house. Moreover, the one and only set of panic hardware in the house was required to be stomp harder for activation. This reflected poor human factor design of the panic hardware.
Another human factors problem that I identify in the case study is the miscommunication between the 911 operator and the Fire Department dispatcher and also between the Fire Department dispatcher with the nearby fire station unit. Although the operator clarified the address was No.9 to the dispatcher, the 911 operator missed the word “avenue” as part of the address when the operator was informing the Fire Department dispatcher the location of the fire incident. Moreover, due to the miscommunication between them, the rescue actions had delayed more than four minutes. To make the situation worse, the dispatcher sent wrong address, 3100 block of 9th Street in his order to the nearby fire station for rescue action which should be 3102 block 9th Avenue.
Besides the above problems, as written in the case study, the likene...

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...can prevent the occurrence of accident.
In addition, the pressure needed to activate the set of panic hardware does not fit the emergency situation and the user too. It should be easier and faster in activation as it is designed for emergency escape plan.
Last but not least, the city should put some effort in differentiate the street names to avoid the misunderstood or misinterpretation of the address which will cause latent failures.

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